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Posted by Wed, 16 Mar 2005 12:58:19 GMT

Some people are discussing RubyURL on the Ruby-Talk mailing list on ways to know where you will go before clicking on the link..or before getting to the destination url.

Hal Futon suggested this method:

..but I think that would be too long of a URL for things with longer urls than

My suggestion/compromise would be the following: User clicks on rubyurl link, is taken to page that shows the page they will be redirected to (or even just the domain name) and they wait for a few seconds before it redirects. During this time they could opt-out of allowing the redirect and click a ‘Back’ button.

What do you think? I am open to suggestions on to best address this concern..or is it even a concern? (tinyurl doesn’t think it is..or at least they don’t do, should RubyURL?)


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