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Rails Day 2005, June 4th

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Apparently /. didn’t want to approve this post because it is off-topic (shrug)... so I am reposting it here.

With all the buzz around Ruby on Rails lately, the Rails community is putting this 10x productivity claim to the test. On June 4th, several groups in the Ruby on Rails community will creating teams of up to 3 people each and competing for prizes worth over $2000 (at last count). For more information, checkout the rules and prizes.

Rails Day will be judged by David Heinemeier Hansson (leader of the Ruby on Rails Project), Dave Thomas (author of Programming Ruby), Lucas Carlson (author of S5 Presents), and Jesse James Garrett (the guy who coined the term Ajax). The competition will last for 24 hours and the goal is to generate a lot of code for people to use as examples for future development and to show just how much can be done with Ruby on Rails in a short period of time. You have a month and a half to roll up your sleeves, read the Pick Axe, and put together a team.

Ruby on Rails has been cloned in PHP, Perl, Python, Java, and .NET already and seems to be growing in popularity very quickly.

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