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Hot OSCON Nights

Posted by Mon, 01 Aug 2005 01:55:00 GMT

I am heading to Los Angeles later this week to go to a wedding, Magic Mountain, and a meeting with a client. As my plans were being focused on whether my girlfriend would drive from Portland to L.A. or fly, I wasn’t prepared to make the commitment to sign up for OSCON sessions. We finally bought tickets as I reminded myself that I don’t enjoy sitting in the car for 18-22 hours in the hot summer.

So, aside from the exhibit halls and possibly helping out PDXLUG with the booth that we arranged, I’m not going to be doing much with OSCON. I am however hoping to head over to FOSCON on Wednesday evening. It will be nice to meet some more of the local Rubyists ( I still haven’t made it to a meeting yet…) and people like Matz, DHH, and other Ruby & Rails superstars will be there.

It’s currently pretty hot in Portland. I’m not a huge fan of heat (one of the main reasons why I opted to move out of California 5+ years ago in the first place). If you’re in Portland for the week and want to meet up with me for coffee, a beer, or some good vegetarian food… send me an email. :-)

Welcome to Portland!

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