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Ajax versus Wink, the battle begins

Posted by Thu, 25 Aug 2005 21:50:00 GMT

I am sorry. I am so sorry. I helped spread the wink and what happened… the wink has a problem with ajax.

That’s right.

AJAX and WINK do not like each other. It’s a battle between good and evil, but we don’t know which one is good.

Rumor has it that _why is working on breaking up the cat fight, but until that happens, my lovely blog and other lovely typo blogs are going to be wink less.

I also heard that he is blaming someone named json parser for the trouble.

UPDATE as it stands right now. There are TWO winks on this blog… and until the _why overlord fixes the problems created by our new enemy json parser we will be forced to sit on our hands and wait for new wink-compliance relases.

I have also heard rumors that three small animals in Jerey were wink’d and never returned home. In Boise, a woman by the name of Ruby has filed a lawsuit against the wink overlord.

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