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Thank you hoodwink.d

Posted by Thu, 25 Aug 2005 14:02:00 GMT

So, a few days ago… I accepted the rules of the wink and have been an active winker since Tuesday… when the winking began.

If you haven’t winked yet… it might be a good time to start doing so. (while it’s cool… )

Hipster is out.. Winkster is in.

Thanks _why!

...35 winks to date!

harrisj> robbyonrails: yes, you're winking all over the place... keep it up and you'll go blind. ;) 

robbyonrails> harrisj: i saw that you winkd last night

harrisj> robbyonrails: been doing it here and there this morning... have to get it out of my system before i head off on vacation...

I have just joined #hoodwinkd on freenode.

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