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Rails meets FuseFS

Posted by Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:28:00 GMT

_why has posted an entry on his blog which shows how to use the Ruby FuseFS library to… mount Active Record.

railsmnt]$ cat contact_type/1
--- !ruby/object:ContactType
  name: Client
  id: "1" 

 railsmnt]$ for i in `ls`; do echo $i; done

Umm… I am… I dunno… (wow)

I’ve used FuseFS for mounting SSH… but found myself using SSHFS as a better alternative.

But… to mount Rails? This could get interesting.


A screenshot while browsing the directory with Konqueror…and opening the record with Kedit.

UPDATE #2 If you’re hosting at PLANET ARGON, you can try this out with your account. Both, FUSE and Ruby-FuseFS are installed on all the servers.

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