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Jeremy comes to Portland

Posted by Mon, 14 Nov 2005 07:05:00 GMT

I announced almost two weeks ago that Jeremy Voorhis was taking the position as Lead Architect at PLANET ARGON.

He’s been here for a week and a day now… and it feels like we’ve worked together for quite a long time already. When he hasn’t been coding in Emacs and working with the awesome Ruby on Rails framework, we’ve been wandering the city…. and yes, he’s been Powells! He claims to like Portland. :-)

I took a picture of him yesterday when he was discussing a clients project that we’re currently refactoring. The project comes to us with an existing schema, codebase, and opinions.

We’ve been working on several of these types of projects together in the past few months… which prompted us to deciding to start our project, Refactoring Rails.

It’s been great working with him in person. He, like some of the other developers that we call upon for some projects, had been assisting us through IRC, IM, and BaseCamp... and being able to be in the same office together… has been very beneficial.

In any event… I thought it would be fun to post a picture of Jeremy. :-)

Stay tuned…

P.S. You can see a drawing that Allison created of Jeremy on the PLANET ARGON about page.

There is a rumor that his mother photoshoped the drawing and put his head on the body of SuperMan. I beg you all to convince him to post ig on his blog. ;-) to get some sleep.

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