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PLANET ARGON: Official hosting sponsor of the Typo project

Posted by Fri, 16 Dec 2005 05:34:00 GMT

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We’re excited to announce that as of last week, the Typo development team and PLANET ARGON made an arrangement to relocate the current hosting of the Typo project to PLANET ARGON. This includes moving Subversion, Trac, downloads, mailing list(s), IRC bot, etc. There is also rumor that some energy will be going into creating a new home page for the project.

David Gibbons is currently working on migrating everything over for them and we are managing this process through our BaseCamp with the Typo team. He’ll be posting an update on his blog when this process is finished.

We’re honored that they chose PLANET ARGON to the official hosting sponsor of the Typo project. We were the first hosting provider to offer Typo hosting to customers back in April.

We look forward to helping Typo prepare for 2006…

Random update…

I thought it would be amusing to see just how I fit into the history of Typo. Aside from PLANET ARGON being the first host to offer Typo hosting… I was one of the first few people to run Typo as a blog… or at least I tried… see ticket #8

I was also the first person to ever run Typo on PostgreSQL (ticket #9). ... like that would surprise anyone. ;-)

During this period of moving from Tobias to PLANET ARGON, we are collecting email information for people so that when we help launch the new site for the project… you’ll all be notified. (coming soon)

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    null Tue, 20 Jun 2006 08:49:05 GMT