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CDBaby Q&A at next Portland Ruby Brigade meeting

Posted by Fri, 23 Sep 2005 19:06:00 GMT

I just posted on the Portland Ruby Brigade blog that Derek Sivers and Jeremy Kemper (bitsweat) will be coming to the next PDX.rb user group meeting. Derek and Jeremy will field questions from all of us in regards to their complete rewrite of CD Baby from PHP+MySQL to Ruby+Rails+PostgreSQL. (my favorite open-source projects!)

This will take place at FreeGeek in Portland, Oregon on October 4th, 2005!

For more information, see the Portland Ruby Brigade website

Rails Wiki backup

Posted by Thu, 22 Sep 2005 13:53:00 GMT

Since the Rails Wiki is currently down, I took the backup and stuck it online. (perhaps this could become a read-only html mirror of the site)


Please note that backup is not back up ;-)

This will be managed by the Portland Ruby Brigade


DHH says that the i2 will be up and running later today! :-)

Rails meets FuseFS

Posted by Wed, 21 Sep 2005 19:28:00 GMT

_why has posted an entry on his blog which shows how to use the Ruby FuseFS library to… mount Active Record.

railsmnt]$ cat contact_type/1
--- !ruby/object:ContactType
  name: Client
  id: "1" 

 railsmnt]$ for i in `ls`; do echo $i; done

Umm… I am… I dunno… (wow)

I’ve used FuseFS for mounting SSH… but found myself using SSHFS as a better alternative.

But… to mount Rails? This could get interesting.


A screenshot while browsing the directory with Konqueror…and opening the record with Kedit.

UPDATE #2 If you’re hosting at PLANET ARGON, you can try this out with your account. Both, FUSE and Ruby-FuseFS are installed on all the servers.

Ruby 1.8.3 released, but Rails not liking it

Posted by Wed, 21 Sep 2005 00:23:00 GMT

Ruby 1.8.3 was released this evening. Yay!

Problem is?

/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activesupport-1.1.1/lib/active_support/clean_logger.rb:13:in `remove_const': constant Logger::Format not defined (NameError)

Every Rails application that I tried with it died. So the solution?

cd ../ruby-1.8.2
./configure && make && make install

No 1.8.3 for PLANET ARGON yet.

The Portland Ruby Brigade hackfest roundup

Posted by Tue, 20 Sep 2005 11:07:00 GMT

John Labovitz has a nice and detailed overview of everything that went down at the Portland Ruby Brigade hackfest last weekend. They still quite a bit of work to do, so if you live in the Portland area and want to get involved with the local Ruby group, this would be a good time. :-)

If you are already part of the group and want to help promote it, flaunt PDX.rb with a button on your blog or site. ;-)

<a href=""><img src=""  alt="Portland Ruby Brigade" /></a>

The svn+rbot plugin, so far

Posted by Thu, 15 Sep 2005 18:02:00 GMT

3 comments Latest by test Mon, 12 Jun 2006 08:55:06 GMT

Ben Bleything and I have put the plugin that we made up in our PDX.rb subversion repository. You can check it out here

Requires rbot and subversion.

< pdxrbot> robbyrussell * pdxrbot:/ [45] - Quick addition of the two author names :-)
< pdxrbot> robbyrussell * www:/ [5] - removing the logfiles from svn
< pdxrbot> ben * pdxrbot:/ [46] - Fix the post-commit hook so that relative paths get expanded
< pdxrbot> robbyrussell * www:/ [6] - ignoring the files in /log/ that end in .log

UPDATE This is what it spits back now. :-)

 < pdxrbot> svn.commit( pdxrbot, { :author => 'robbyrussell', :rev => 67, :log => 'another test of color/syntax...more' } )

Yes… the bot now responds with a subversion commit…and we made it look like ruby code! syntax colors and all!

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