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Debugging Rails

Posted by Fri, 20 Jan 2006 01:57:00 GMT

Isn’t it ironic? I’m working on a chapter related to debugging…. and just spent a few hours scratching my head over the following.

irb(#<ContactTypesController:0x262e570>):009:0> ContactType
=> ContactType
irb(#<ContactTypesController:0x262e570>):010:0> ContactType.methods.include? 'count'
=> true
irb(#<ContactTypesController:0x262e570>):011:0> ContactType.superclass
=> ActiveRecord::Base
Server exited. Closing connection...

(reload page...)

No connection to breakpoint service at druby://localhost:42531 (DRb::DRbConnError)
Tries to connect will be made every 2 seconds...
Executing break point at ./script/../config/../app/controllers/contact_types_controller.rb:6 in `index'
irb(#<ContactTypesController:0x277b93c>):001:0> ContactType
=> ContactType
irb(#<ContactTypesController:0x277b93c>):002:0> ContactType.superclass
=> Object
irb(#<ContactTypesController:0x277b93c>):003:0> ContactType.methods.include? 'count'
=> false

This occurs when running in development mode on WEBrick. (Rails 1.0)

I found this Rails bug report.

Switching to production mode fixed it. What’s the deal-e-o?


Tried again with Lighttpd. Same issue.

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