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Bleeding Edge Rails Documentation

Posted by Fri, 03 Mar 2006 17:58:00 GMT

3 comments Latest by Yvonne Adams Fri, 03 Mar 2006 22:56:49 GMT

While working on certain section in my book, I find myself coming across areas of the Rails documentation that could use some love. Most of the patches that I’ve submitted recently have been for pieces of Active Record that doesn’t get enough exposure… such as Reflection and Observer. I have been running a cron script on my development workstation to keep track of the latest docs… and decided that our team could use this… and then went one more step and decided that I would just make it available online as well. Caboose also does this... but I want to style ours in the near future. :-)

See: for bleeding edge Rails docs!

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    Sean Fri, 03 Mar 2006 19:52:31 GMT

    Thanks, added it as a bookmark in my RDoc Dashboard widget.

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    ian Fri, 03 Mar 2006 21:31:20 GMT


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    Yvonne Adams Fri, 03 Mar 2006 22:56:49 GMT

    Excellent! Thanks, Robby.