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Ruby on Rails training in London

Posted by Fri, 21 Apr 2006 20:07:00 GMT

As mentioned on the Ruby on Rails weblog earlier today, EastMedia is hosting a 3-Day Ruby and Ruby on Rails Training course in London. PLANET ARGON was invited to send one of our developers to London as one of the three instructors. We’re excited to announce that Jeremy Voorhis, Lead Architect at PLANET ARGON, will be joining David Black and Matt Pelletier in London as an instructor.

University of East London – Docklands Campus — May 5 – 7 — £1200.00 GBP

A three-day training course which offers a thorough introduction to Ruby and the Ruby on Rails web application framework. Organized by Smartlab/Volks Lab and EastMedia, this course will provide web developers, product managers and entrepeneurs with a solid foundation for understanding the concepts, tools, and real-world tips needed to build robust, scalable, full-featured web applications using Ruby on Rails.

For more information, see here.

Stay tuned for more fun announcements… :-)

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