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Knowing Me, Knowing You

Posted by Wed, 02 Aug 2006 21:44:00 GMT

5 comments Latest by g! Fri, 04 Aug 2006 05:40:54 GMT

One of the things that we aim to do at PLANET ARGON is keep a sense of transparency between you… whether you be a client, community members, readers, or voyeurs. For those of you who don’t hang out all day in our live chat channel… you might not know who is behind the curtain. I’d like to take a moment to list some random facts related to PLANET ARGON in a series titled, “Knowing Me, Knowing You1.” a-haa!

Did You Know?

  • 50% of the employees at PLANET ARGON are vegetarians! (can you guess who?)
  • 50% of the employees at PLANET ARGON are originally from Oregon. (can you guess who?)
  • Andrew claims to have beaten minesweeper on expert in 112 seconds!
  • Nicole was an exchange student in Switzerland for a year.
  • Brian is currently majoring in Mathematics.
  • Jeremy skipped the first grade.
  • Robby dropped out of high school when he was 16.
  • Allison built her first web page on Prodigy at age 14, it was called Allie’s in Wonderland. (sorry, no internet archives!)
  • David says he has three piercings... but I’ve only seen one. o.0
  • Daniel was a sea scout and got the nickname OB, which was short for OBservant.
  • be continued.

Your Turn!

Send me an email and share some random facts and I’ll select a few to mention on my next installment of Knowing Me, Knowing You.

1 Named after the BBC show, Alan Partridge – Knowing Me, Knowing You

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  1. Avatar
    robert Wed, 02 Aug 2006 23:00:30 GMT

    I’ve done minesweeper expert in 98 seconds grin

    sad, i know, but it’s because i’ve been playing it close on 20 years now.


  2. Avatar
    Matthew Parrish Thu, 03 Aug 2006 14:17:44 GMT

    Well, keeping on the speed theme, I can say the alphabet backwards in 3 seconds. Or 2 seconds if you don’t need to understand what I’m saying :)

  3. Avatar
    Ben Thu, 03 Aug 2006 21:32:53 GMT

    Gotta love that Alan Partridge reference, aha ;-)

  4. Avatar
    Jeffrey Hicks Thu, 03 Aug 2006 22:21:56 GMT

    Andrew’s claim to 112 seconds are probably real. I’ve seen lower.

  5. Avatar
    g! Fri, 04 Aug 2006 05:40:54 GMT

    Knowing me.. knowing you.. was a hit for ABBA back in 02/04/1977 . 5 weeks at #1