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Rails is not about inventing your own style

Posted by Wed, 27 Sep 2006 01:40:00 GMT

I meant to post this list of quotes I was compiling while at RailsConf Europe 2006, but never got a chance to do so.

“This is definitely the first time that I have eaten pizza while walking in the rain.” – David Black


“Rails is not about inventing your own style.” -DHH


“Nobody is passionate about something that they suck at.” – Kathy Sierra

“But it’s not about the tools you build, it’s about what your users do with them.” – Kathy Sierra

“What can you help your own users kick ass at?” – Kathy Sierra

“Talk to the brain not the mind.” – Kathy Sierra


“My computer might be at risk. Well, oh well. Life on the edge.” – David Black


Jonathan Lim also posted a few on his blog as well.

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