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This Week in d3: 1

Posted by Fri, 06 Oct 2006 21:01:00 GMT

As overheard on the d3 mailing list...

“My strategy so far is to unemotionally ask them to step back for a minute from the “I want this feature” phrase. Start thinking about value delivered to the user; start thinking about HOW the user is going to use whatever information or functionality you’re delivering to them.”David Goodlad

“People have emotional attachments, pet ideas, favorite ways of doing things, and they are quick to impose those, under the guise of “business requirments”.”Brian Ford

“Dialogue-Driven Development has the opportunity to step up in this environment and redefine the interaction between customers and developers.”Brasten Sager (link)

..we’re just getting started. ;-)

If developer to client, developer to developer, or developer to user interaction is important to you… come talk with those of us involved in the Dialogue-Driven Development project.

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