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Posted by Mon, 06 Feb 2006 19:41:00 GMT

Finally! The Typo team and PLANET ARGON have finished the first phase of the move the Typo project to a new hosting provider. Currently, subversion and the trac have been moved over.

Take a look!

On the PLANET ARGON side… David Gibbons is responsible for making this happen.

If you see any issues, let us know in #typo on or in #planetargon.

On a side note… I’m sick and going to go get some rest now.

46 hours on Rails.... here we go!

Posted by Sat, 04 Feb 2006 00:59:00 GMT

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If you recall… I had hinted at 46 hours on Rails.

Come with PLANET ARGON as we board the ARGON EXPRESS!

...this should be fun.

Learn More:

UPDATE DHH blogged about us on the Rails blog! :-)

Programming Rails - Alpha Book

Posted by Fri, 03 Feb 2006 18:34:00 GMT

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Up until today, I have had a small group of individuals (people like harrisj) helping me with the peer review process for my upcoming book, Programming Rails. We’re getting it ready to launch as a Rough Cuts book in the near future and I wanted to allow a few of you to be part of the pre-Rough Cuts review process.

I’m opening this up to 6 lucky winners!

Send me an email to with a short description of your experience with Rails so far. I want 2 newbies, 2 intermediates, and 2 advanced Railers.

Only do this if you can spend time reading material and posting notes on each chapter. :-)

Visit for more information about my book and apparently… you can add it to your Amazon Wishlist.

UPDATE No longer accepting applications! I got 50+ in 2 hours… eek! :-)

rbot as a server monitor

Posted by Fri, 03 Feb 2006 17:01:00 GMT

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Most of you who know the PLANET ARGON team… know that we spend quite a bit of time on IRC interacting with our customes, clients, coworkers, and friends. Quite a bit of our coordination of projects, development, and support is handled via IRC.

For example, all our SVN commits are processed in a private IRC channel where all PLANET ARGON developers and our contractors meet and mingle. Hosting customers hang out in #planetargon on and play with our IRC Bot argonbot.

This morning… I decided that I wanted to follow the teams advice and start making argonbot even more useful. So, I setup instances of DRb running on every server that we host clients and customers on… and now we can using argonbot to help manage our servers and allow our customers to help us monitor them!

08:51 < robbyonrails> ?argon-moon xenon uptime
08:51 < argonbot> xenon uptime:  10:51:38 up 79 days, 20:34,  5 users,  load average: 1.03, 1.05, 1.00

Stop by and meet the world famous argonbot! You can even use our web-based IRC client.

I love DRb.

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