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One ID to rule them all

Posted by Mon, 25 Jun 2007 16:44:00 GMT

I finally decided to put my claimID to use today with the announcement that Basecamp now supports openID. This means that I can easily access all of my Basecamp project with a single login. Some of our clients have their own Basecamp projects and having everything spread around (different usernames, passwords…) made it difficult to manage. I just modified my accounts on a few Basecamp sites and now see them all listed for me to navigate between.

update: Minor annoyance. This caused all my RSS feeds to break because I subscribe to each project individually. I assumed that they’d allow me to now use my openid/password for all my RSS feeds/iCal subscriptions, but they provide you some unique hash for the password. Not sure why they decided to do that… instead of allowing me to use my openid/pass for the subscriptions.

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