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Rails 0.13 released, servers upgraded!

Posted by Wed, 06 Jul 2005 20:30:00 GMT

We’re pretty excited that 0.13 is released now.

In celebration, if you sign up in the next day for our Rails Hosting, we’ll toss in an extra free month. :-)

If you’ve been playing with edge rails lately, this is exciting stuff. :-D

ALERT - Ruby fcgi 0.8.5 memory leak

Posted by Thu, 12 May 2005 20:18:12 GMT

Just a FYI. If you have installed fcgi from RubyGems, the version that is currently available as a gem (0.8.5) has a known memory leak... which has crippled one of our servers a few times this past week as it slowly sucks the life out of the machine.

I hope that we can get the fix in 0.8.6 which you can download here available as a gem in the near future. I think that a lot of people will unknowingly use the one in RubyGems and not be aware of this major problem (as I was until this morning when I finally tracked the root of the problem).

Thanks to the Typo people for alerting me of this issue… especially when I saw that this blog alone was using more than 100 MB of Ram after 2 hours of being up. I almost began to think that Java might be more efficient. ;-)

If you are not sure what version you are running, you can find out by doing this on a UNIX machine:

# gem list|grep cgi
fcgi (0.8.5)

Download and install fcgi 0.8.6, uninstall 0.8.5 from rubygems if necessary (I did just to be sure that apache/fcgi was using the new version) and restart your web server(s).

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