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To think that tumblin' was a thing of the past

Posted by Wed, 02 May 2007 17:18:00 GMT

I’m digging the new friends feature on tumblr. If you’re tumblin’... consider adding me as a friend.

Also, you should check out the #caboose tumblr, which court3nay setup the other day with a friendly IRC bot.


Posted by Mon, 30 Apr 2007 21:00:00 GMT

Don’t get me wrong, I really like it when a site takes some initiative and let’s me know as soon as they can if my username is already taken in their system… but I didn’t think that PublicSquare’s approach to letting me know that my username was available… was the sort of feedback that I was looking for.

There is a slight difference between being an available username and being a terrific choice.

Perhaps they are trying to make me feel good about myself? Shrug… I’ll take the compliment (this time).

Okay, now they’re just trying to kiss my…

Working in Portland Coffee Shops and Cafes Reviews, part 2

Posted by Sat, 06 Jan 2007 20:02:00 GMT

During the summer of 2005, I wrote a post that listed several coffee shops in Portland, Oregon that I found to be really good places to work on your laptop at. I’ve gotten bored with my regulars and have recently begun to look for new places to venture to.

Pier Coffee

Pier Coffee is in a weird part of Portland that is somewhat isolated due to the train tracks that will block you in when a long train is moving through town. It’s a very short walk from Allison’s place and they have Oregon Chai, which has become my replacement for drinking coffee. The chairs in Pier Coffee are very comfortable and they have an electrical outlet at most of their tables. When you get bored, you can walk over and play darts, or get a glass of wine. The wireless works really well and when it’s not raining, you can sit out front and overlook the train tracks and downtown, while hacking on your laptop. Pier Coffee is what I would consider an easy place for me to feel productive. There usually isn’t too many people here and I believe most of the customers are from the two condo complexes next to it. The staff is very friendly and their music tastes aren’t annoying.

Backspace is about a half block from the PLANET ARGON office. They don’t serve Oregon Chai, so I usually only get a tea, a viso, or a hot cocoa while there. They have a few tables and couches and I haven’t found this a good place to be productive. It’s a good place to have a short meeting with a coworker though. Music tastes are better here than most places, and they have a food menu now that caters to my vegetarian diet. There are a few electrical outlets, but the seats near them are often occupied.

Three Lions Bakery is about a block from the PLANET ARGON office. They do have Oregon Chai, so I stop by here often in the morning to get my fix. Not many electrical outlets, so your visits are usually not very long. They have a few sandwiches that are quite good. This is a good place to stop by if you’re in the mood to work for about a hour and have some chai and an excellent (and freshly baked) cookie.

If you’re in Portland and have some recommendations, please do share. I’m looking for a few places that are open later in the evening.

Question: Scouting new mobile service

Posted by Tue, 26 Sep 2006 03:57:00 GMT

During my recent trip to London, I plugged my mobile phone charger into my UK power adapter and it blew the charger… leaving me across the world with no charger for my phone. It didn’t matter much because I couldn’t get coverage with my service with Verizon Wireless. My second two-year contract with them came up a few months ago… so I am now considering leaving them for something else. After four years… I would grade them a B+. I’ve always liked their web tools and since all of my close family and girlfriends family has used Verizon… the in-network calls have always been free. The coverage is generally good within the states… however, lack of international plans doesn’t work out well with my recent and upcoming travel plans for work. Also, I need to sneak my way over to the Nokia phones as one of our projects requires that it work with opera mini and the mobile version of mozilla. So… I’d like to test the application first hand. ;-)

Since you have all been so helpful in the past with open questions… who do you have mobile service through?

I would like to get the following:

  • java-enabled for mini opera, ssh client!, etc…
  • camera-not-so-important but useful
  • bluetooth for getting an internet connection and sharing to my laptop while on the road
  • lots of text messaging/email (server notices…)
  • ability to use phone internationally
  • wifi?

Who do you use and why do you like them (or not)?


Meeting up in London

Posted by Tue, 12 Sep 2006 01:09:00 GMT

I’m leaving for London tomorrow. Thank you all for your responses to my travel security questions. I really appreciate it. :-)

I’m going to be getting in on Wednesday afternoon and am going to try to meet up with people at PizzaOnRails.

Thurs-Fri is RailsConf fun… but I haven’t figured out what I will be doing over the weekend. I’m leaving for New York on Tuesday.

Does anybody know of any good vegetarian places that I should go out of my way to try in London? Interested in hanging out and talking shop? Email me! :-)

Science != Technology

Posted by Sat, 10 Jun 2006 17:12:00 GMT

3 comments Latest by Doug Tue, 13 Jun 2006 22:30:21 GMT

My fiance keeps pointing out how annoying it is to see science grouped with technology on the Google News site. (see Sci/Tech)

Why is this annoying? Well… take a look at the following screenshot.

What doesn’t seem like it belongs in this list?

If you guessed, “Dwarf dinosaur fossil found in Germany”... you guessed right!

I wish that they had just a Science category as I hardly see how this needs to be grouped with news about Nintendo or new voip phone applications.

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