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New Years Restorations

Posted by Sat, 30 Dec 2006 09:32:00 GMT

Finally, a break from a hectic week at the office. I spent most of my week working on some servers and outlining some of our plans for where we will be taking the hosting side of our business during the first quarter of 2007. Let’s just say, we’re a few months behind schedule and it’s time to get onboard before the train takes off. ;-)

Daniel and Robby

Have a safe and exciting New Years!

Rails Hosting for the New Year

Posted by Tue, 19 Dec 2006 18:00:00 GMT

Where have I been the past month?

In a nutshell… I’ve been working, writing, and trying to start a new music project1.

It’s almost the end of year and things have been extremely busy at PLANET ARGON. You might notice some new names on our site as we have been doing some growing. I’ll announce those individuals at a later point in time… but a quick peak at our Flickr page should give you some insight. :-)

Earlier today, we announced that we’ll be having a special deal on our Rails hosting from now until the end of 2006.

If you’re looking for a good platform to host your Rails applications, we currently recommend the following configuration.

These are offered on both our shared and business Rails hosting plans. We’ve also been revamping our technical support options the past month, so take a moment to review our current support options.

We’re looking forward to 2007! In two months, it’ll be two full years since we first announced support for Rails hosting!

1 For the record, H.O.T was a silly project from several years ago… check our our holiday ep!

Ruby on Rails hosting with Nginx

Posted by Wed, 22 Nov 2006 16:33:00 GMT

Let me just say… that our customers are awesome.

One of our favorite customers, Timothy Bennett, has posted some documentation for running Nginx on your PLANET ARGON hosting account. If you’re already playing with mongrel, lighttpd, and pound…. you might look at Nginx.

“Nginx is a proxy/load-balancer that also is able to serve static files (and is a good deal faster at it than mongrel). It’s more complicated to setup than pound, but results in a faster setup.”

Stop by our new online forums (powered by Beast) and/or our IRC Channel to meet some of our great customers!

Rails Hosting with Resource Limits

Posted by Tue, 26 Sep 2006 00:33:00 GMT

Over the past several weeks, David and Daniel have been working to make our Ruby on Rails hosting options even more streamlined. We’ve been aiming to implement new resource limits on all of our servers.

For example, did you know that when you purchase a Business Level 1 account with us (starting at only $75/month), you’re getting 196 MB of resident memory and 368 MB of virtual memory? The great part about this? You don’t have to configure and manage the server yourself… we do it for you!

If you’re shopping for some hosting… you might take a quick peak at our Rails Business Hosting packages.

..and yes, our standard hosting plans have resource limits too! We hope this will cut down on the noise that you hear from your neighbors.

Luigi has a secret

Posted by Thu, 21 Sep 2006 02:02:00 GMT

I’m in New York City this week working with one of our clients… and a little birdie told me that the PLANET ARGON team in Portland is preparing a formal announcement in the coming week(s)...

..the informal announcement?

Dedicated servers for hosting your Rails applications! ...yeah it’s about time. ;-)

Contact us for more details. Tell them that Luigi sent you.

Rails and Mongrel go to the Pound

Posted by Wed, 09 Aug 2006 00:35:00 GMT

2 comments Latest by Robby Russell Wed, 09 Aug 2006 02:31:13 GMT

We’ve been encouraging our Rails hosting customers to give Pound and Mongrel a try for deploying their Ruby on Rails applications. David Gibbons has been adding some recipes for doing this on the PLANET ARGON Documentation Project

Check out:

...and today David posted an article on his blog titled, Why you need multiple mongrel instances with rails!

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