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PLANET ARGON - Documentation Project, part 2

Posted by Thu, 04 May 2006 22:56:00 GMT

Let me start off by saying that our customers are awesome. That’s right. They are awesome.

A while back, I announced the PLANET ARGON Documentation Project and since then our documentation has gone through several changes and it’s being driven by several of our hosting customers.

As of today, all PLANET ARGON hosting customers will notice this when they login to their control panel.

For more information about hour rails hosting, visit

For more information about our documentation project, visit

Lighttpd, crontab, and server reboots

Posted by Sat, 10 Dec 2005 00:41:00 GMT

I’ll be the first to admit that server reboots do happen. Whether they are for planned hardware upgrades or the unexpected runaway CPU processes…they can cause some problems for your applications.

Recently, we had an unexpected outage on one of our servers and noticed that some of the lighttpd instances were not restarted automatically. I personally went and started up each one manuually and documented who they all were. We wanted to build a nice solution to this… but because every user has their own method of invoking lighttpd and we kind of let you run free with that… the idea to build one init script to meet everyones needs… isn’t currently practical. We want you to have some freedom with that and we can help you along the way. :-)

So… what should you do?

Well, David Gibbons (our new Lead Systems Administrator) has a nice tip on his blog, a cool trick with cron.

He shows you how to use the @reboot option in crontab for scheduling scripts to startup on a reboot.

This is great to use and should work if you are a hosting customer at PLANET ARGON. Expect more little tricks like this in the future as David has many up his sleeve. You might want to subscribe to his brand new Typo blog RSS feed. ;-)

class David < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_many :tricks

Have a great weekend!

PostgreSQL 8.1 was released!

Posted by Wed, 09 Nov 2005 23:21:00 GMT

Just a quick announcemnet:

Yesterday, the PostgreSQL team released version 8.1. Take a peak at the latest changes and enhancements.

Yes, we’re offering PostgreSQL 8.1 Hosting and Support for it now at PLANET ARGON. :-)

PLANET ARGON 2.0 Release Candidate

Posted by Tue, 25 Oct 2005 17:10:00 GMT

We finally found a way to sneak in some extra time to finish up the first phase of our new website. Allison and I are excited to announce the launch of new PLANET ARGON website,

What Powers It?

Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL!

What Has Changed?

For starters, we have a new design. Hopefully the information that you are seeking is easier to navigate to and the order process is a bit easier too. Aside from that, we’ve made just minor changes to our hosting offerings to reflect the needs of our customers. I’ll touch on that shortly.

ReEmphasize The Small Stuff

We first started offering Rails hosting to the public at the beginning of February. In just a week we’ll have nine full months of experience under our belts. Our customers have been a huge influence on the type of services we offer, and the level of support that comes with it. It was out of my own desire to have a web host that allowed for bleeding-edge technology that lead me to start my own hosting company… so that I could turn around and offer other developers, like myself, the same service, without the time commitment of managing your own server and the price tag that goes along with it.

Our Customers are Awesome!

No really, they are. We recently setup an RSS aggregator of some of our hosting customers that run blogs (many of them are running Typo). We call this site, Inhabitants of PLANET ARGON. ( Check it out!

More Space!

We’ve spent some time really looking over our hosting plans and wanted to give them a make-over that reflects the requests of our customers and potential customers. We’ve increased the disk space on the first three of our shared-hosting plans, and lowered the price on the fourth. Take a peek.

Some of our prices have gone up (with the increase in disk space), but our Level 1 plan still starts as low as $11.25/month. This can get you rolling on Rails using PostgreSQL and/or MySQL! :-)

Typo Hosting

We started offering affordable blog hosting last year. Then Typo took off, and none of the other blog software packages were being requested! We have dropped all the PHP blogging applications from our offerings and are now offering Typo Hosting exclusively. For $3/month, you can have your own pre-installed Typo blog!


Well, sort of. If you sign up by midnight (PST) on October 31st, you will receive 1 FREE Month for every 6 month account and 2* FREE Months* for every year! (Blogs too)

We’re Not Just a Hosting Company

PLANET ARGON was started as a web development and consulting company, and it still is!

Who Is Allison?

Allison is the Creative Director here at PLANET ARGON. Existing customers of ours know about her… but she’s kept a low profile up until now. She is a ninja in the ways of project management, clean design, and has been known to have a tab open in her browser to the Ruby on Rails API. Expect to hear more from (and about) her in the near future.

For more information, see:

Typo Theme Contest announced

Posted by Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:33:00 GMT

Geoffrey Grosenbach has announced the Typo Theme Contest on, Yay!

PLANET ARGON has offered a year of Level 3 hosting for the winner. We also promised ten free blog hosting packages to the first ten people that submit new themes that meet the requirements of the content!

Good luck to all the players. :-)

(obviously… I could use a new theme too… I might have to participate!)

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