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Posted by Tue, 19 Aug 2008 03:18:00 GMT

Awesome. Things 1.1 for the iPhone was just pushed to the Apple iTunes Store, which means… I can finally sync my with my iPhone!

I’ve been using Things for quite a while to manage my life (work and personal) and bringing this to my phone definitely makes my day.

For more information about Things, visit the following sites:

I’ll post a review in the coming days as I get a chance to play with it. Just wanted to share the news. :-)

iPhone's Missing Feature

Posted by Thu, 03 Apr 2008 23:17:00 GMT

I love my iPhone. There… I said it.

There is one problem with it (and I don’t blame Apple for it). Multimedia Messaging is pretty much non-existent with non-iPhone friends & family. My family continues to send me pictures/videos via text message… because they can with their other friends and family. I find myself looking at the following message quite often.

Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch!

Then I go to AT&T’s AMAZING site…

viewmymessage is shit
Uploaded with plasq’s Skitch!

...and I get a broken image.

Great work AT&T! Apple… this is tainting my experience with the iPhone. Make them fix it!

Apple listens to Robby and releases an iPhone

Posted by Tue, 09 Jan 2007 17:13:00 GMT

Well, they must be listening to me.

A few months ago, I posted that I was looking to switch mobile services. Well, I switched over to Cingular after a lot of back and forth and have been fairly happy with their service. I opted to get their lowend/entry phone as I wanted to get a nicer phone when I found something that met my requirements.

I wanted…

  • wifi
  • bluetooth
  • ssh client
  • lightweight web browsing
  • scheduling that sync’d well with ical

Well, I hadn’t found anything that really caught my attention. So, I heard rumors about Apple releasing a phone in January. So… I waited.

“Yay Apple! I think I’m in the right office, we’re all sitting here reading the keynote updates.”—Audrey

So, how much is this going to cost us? ..a few of us here came up with our predictions.

Thank you, Apple!

...well… I would have given Apple a hug if I didn’t have to wait til June.

...back to work.