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PHP versus Ruby, round two

Posted by Tue, 04 Oct 2005 14:22:00 GMT

2 comments Latest by ronald Sat, 22 Jul 2006 15:35:36 GMT

Apparently, there was a double booking at the venue tonight where the Portland Ruby Brigade is having the monthly meeting at.

Who are we double booked with? The Portland PHP user’s group. I’m not kidding!

First of all, this kind of puts a minor blow to our plan for tonight. We have Derek and Jeremy (bitsweat) coming by to discuss their work with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL. We’re not sure yet how the double-booking happened… so that remains to be figured out. However, the other group starts a hour earlier, so we can probably sneak in towards the end and then show them the Ruby way.

The funny part? The discussion with Derek from CD Baby is supposed to surround their move from PHP to Ruby. We might be able to pick up a few more PHP coders tonight. :-)

Wish us luck… it could get dirty tonight.