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Go Ruby Go!

Posted by Wed, 02 Aug 2006 23:14:00 GMT

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Allison Beckwith forwarded me an email that she got from (our favorite independent bookstore)... check out their top technical books right now!


  1. “The Ruby Cookbook” by Lucas Carlson (Computer Languages)
  2. “Agile Web Development with Rails” by Dave Thomas (Computer Languages)
  3. “Ubuntu Hacks” by Jonathan Oxer (Unix)
  4. “Programming Ruby” by Dave Thomas (Computer Languages)
  5. “Rails Recipes” by Chad Fowler (Computer Languages)
  6. “Perl Hacks” by chromatic (Computer Languages)
  7. “Higher-Order Perl” by Mark Jason Dominus (Computer Languages)
  8. “Mind Performance Hacks” by Ron Hale-Evans (Popular Science)
  9. “Mind Hacks” by Tom Stafford (Popular Science)
  10. “Ajax Design Patterns” by Michael Mahemoff (Internet)

This includes both online and in-store purchases. We’re lucky at PLANET ARGON as we’re only about 4 blocks from their technical book store. ;-)

You’ll also notice that the Ruby books are selling more than the Perl books… Tim O’Reilly “blogged about this the other day.

Congrats on hitting #1 Lucas!

  • mental note: ...better hurry and finish my book!