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Zeldman on Web Design

Posted by Tue, 20 Nov 2007 17:01:00 GMT

In a new article on A List Apart, Jeffrey Zeldman writes:

“Some who don’t understand web design nevertheless have the job of creating websites or supervising web designers and developers. Others who don’t understand web design are nevertheless professionally charged with evaluating it on behalf of the rest of us. Those who understand the least make the most noise. They are the ones leading charges, slamming doors, and throwing money—at all the wrong people and things.”

He goes on to describe Web Design as, “as the creation of digital environments that facilitate and encourage human activity; reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and change gracefully over time while always retaining their identity.”

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Rails is not about inventing your own style

Posted by Wed, 27 Sep 2006 01:40:00 GMT

I meant to post this list of quotes I was compiling while at RailsConf Europe 2006, but never got a chance to do so.

“This is definitely the first time that I have eaten pizza while walking in the rain.” – David Black


“Rails is not about inventing your own style.” -DHH


“Nobody is passionate about something that they suck at.” – Kathy Sierra

“But it’s not about the tools you build, it’s about what your users do with them.” – Kathy Sierra

“What can you help your own users kick ass at?” – Kathy Sierra

“Talk to the brain not the mind.” – Kathy Sierra


“My computer might be at risk. Well, oh well. Life on the edge.” – David Black


Jonathan Lim also posted a few on his blog as well.