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The Zen of Ruby on Rails

Posted by Mon, 11 Apr 2005 00:46:00 GMT

It’s 1:30PM PST, and I am about to devote the next several hours to programming with Ruby on Rails. I haven’t been able to spend much time the last several days as I have been wrapping up a project that was started in PHP. I ended up spending about 7 hours the other day Refactoring a good chunk of the code base, using many of the examples outlined in Fowler’s book (catalog). Derek Sivers suggested this book last winter when I had the privilege of meeting him and discussing programming a bit. The book has been on my desk more than any other book since I purchased it at Powells in December.

Part of me wished that there was a good implementation of Active Record in PHP, so I debated writing it, but came across this from January. The author seems to use Ruby on Rails. I might get around to playing with it soon and see if it’ll make my PHP work a little less gruesome. :-)

In other news, my clients Rails-based application is coming along nicely. grins more

I am probably going to order a few books this week to promote some more best practice approaches to OO. If anyone has some good suggestions, feel free to comment and share the titles.


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