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Seattle in late March

Posted by Tue, 20 Feb 2007 23:35:00 GMT

I’m going to be hanging out in Redmond, WA. late next month… why? That… I’ll explain at a later date. ;-)

What I can say is that I’ll be available on a few evenings if anybody is interested in meeting up to talk shop, which can include anything from d3, ruby on rails, bdd, agile interaction design... to BBC comedy shows. :-)

I’ll be flying up from Portland to Seattle on Saturday, March 24th. I’m going to try and stay downtown for that night… and then will be staying at Sheraton Bellevue until Tuesday night. So… Saturday-Monday nights are currently open.

I’m also planning to head to the monthly Seattle.rb meeting on Tuesday, March 27th.

If you’re interested in meeting up, drop me a line.

UPDATE If you’re taking the kinky aspect of BDD too serious... please don’t email me. ;-)

In California, for Rails Seminar

Posted by Mon, 02 Oct 2006 17:25:00 GMT

Sitting in my hotel room in downtown San Francisco, CA. Mr. London himself, James Adam (of Rails Engine fame)... and I have been spending some time wandering around the area, which is where I grew up. We ventured over to Berkeley and down the coast to Santa Cruz yesterday. :-)

California Coast


We then took the Cable Car late last night…

James on the Cable Car

...and had food with almost too much garlic.

James and the Stinking Rose

Today, we’re heading down to Santa Clara, CA to check-in at AjaxWorld Conference and Expo, where we will both be speaking tomorrow at their Ruby on Rails seminar.

Congrats to Steven Baker…who got married this weekend?! He’ll be meeting us in Santa Clara later and speaking tomorrow as well.

If you’re going to be at the conference, be sure to introduce yourself. :-)

RailsConf Europe, day zero

Posted by Thu, 14 Sep 2006 03:33:00 GMT

Arrived in London yesterday after ~13 hours of flying from Portland to Chicago to London. It seems that sleeping on planes (or trains) is not something that my body does well… so I am pretty tired. That mixed with general jet lag due to an eight hour time zone change… my body is feeling pretty confused. In fact, I am typing this from my hotel lobby at 5am.

Yesterday, I was wandering around London, seeking a new UK/US power adapter (thought I blew the one that I brought… long story) and was taking a picture, when I heard a familiar voice say, “Robby?” Go figure… travel across the world and some Canadian (david goodlad) spots you in downtown London. He was walking with Luke Redpath and Jarkko Laine to PizzaOnRails. It’s a good thing that I bumped into them because I thought it was in the complete opposite direction!

Here are a few pictures that I snapped…

David Goodlad

Jarkko takes pictures

The pictures that I took at the pizza & beer party didn’t come out so well… but here is one of James Adam. I was really looking forward to getting to spend some time with him again. We’re both speaking at the Ruby on Rails Seminar in California in a few weeks as well. That’ll make four conferences in six months that we’ve both been to together. :-)

James Adam

Thanks again to everyone who has sent me links to veggie-friendly places to eat at in London.

Quotes from RailsConf Europe

The only one worth mentioning so far was…

“This is definitely the first time that I have eaten pizza while walking in the rain.” -drblack

Buzz in the Rails community

  • The RadRails guys are up to no good. Kyle Shank gave us a quick overview of a Rails project that they are working on called HedgeHog. The project is definitely something that I’ll be looking forward to trying when it’s available. :-)
  • Everybody is extremely busy with client work. By the way, we are hiring.
  • A Dublin Ruby User Group is in the works… would they be called DRUG? ;-)
  • Everybody is really excited about BDD!

I’ll try to post entries throughout the day and will be taking lots of notes today.

If you’re in London for RailsConf Europe, stop by #railsconf on freenode.


Meeting up in London

Posted by Tue, 12 Sep 2006 01:09:00 GMT

I’m leaving for London tomorrow. Thank you all for your responses to my travel security questions. I really appreciate it. :-)

I’m going to be getting in on Wednesday afternoon and am going to try to meet up with people at PizzaOnRails.

Thurs-Fri is RailsConf fun… but I haven’t figured out what I will be doing over the weekend. I’m leaving for New York on Tuesday.

Does anybody know of any good vegetarian places that I should go out of my way to try in London? Interested in hanging out and talking shop? Email me! :-)

Question: Travel Restrictions

Posted by Sun, 10 Sep 2006 16:09:00 GMT

Travel restrictions?

When I purchased my tickets for my trip to London for RailsConf Europe through, it showed me the following warning (after I paid).

Traveling in the UK:

  • If you are traveling within the UK, you will have to check ALL of your belongings. Wallets, IDs, and necessary medications are the exceptions, and must be carried in a plastic bag (clear bags are recommended).
  • Laptops, mobile phones and iPods are among the electronic items banned in carry-on luggage on British flights.
  • Liquids, gels, and pastes are no longer permitted in carry-on luggage on board any aircraft within the U.S. and UK (This includes toothpaste, sunblock, and perfume.)
  • Please check our website for updates and the latest information.

So, I follow that link and come across this page, which doesn’t mention laptops, mobile phones, or iPods.

Does anybody know what the current restrictions are for flights to and from the US and UK?

Leaving on a Jet Plane...

Posted by Fri, 01 Sep 2006 23:01:00 GMT

4 comments Latest by FastJack Sat, 02 Sep 2006 02:32:38 GMT

Just got my confirmation email…

Your payment of £616.88, has been received and your RailsConf Europe 2006 registration is now complete

Ouch! In USD… this translates…

UK£ 616.88 = $1175.21809 U.S. dollars


So, I am going to be heading to sunny London, UK on September 12th for the RailsConf Europe. In fact, I’ll be traveling for about two full weeks in September as I will be heading to London for the conference and to wander around for a few extra days. Then I will be flying to New York City on the 17th or 18th for almost a week where I will be working with one of our clients for a few days and spending the weekend sightseeing.

If you’re interested in meeting up with me in either London or New York during these trips… email me. :-)

james.adam: hey, there's a small possibilty that i might be in NY at the same time as you too!

robby: heh. cool

james.adam: that would be 3 weekends in a row. people will talk

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