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Let's not forget the little people

Posted by Wed, 24 Jan 2007 19:27:00 GMT

Yesterday, I announced the new Ruby on Rails Deployment group, which has attracted over 200 people and boasts over 50 messages in just the first 24 hours of it’s life.

While this is a greater turnout than I expected… I made a huge mistake yesterday. I forgot to invite the man behind the cutrain.

14:25 < zedas> robbyonrails: rubyonrails-deployment and i wasn't invited?
14:26 < zedas> i think i need to revoke some licenses. :-)
14:26 < jarkko> sounds robby just lost his mudcrap belt

I forgot to invite… Zed Shaw.


I know that I’ve only met you briefly, but I feel like I’ve known you for years. With each and every mongrel I install, configure, and start… you’re always… right there… with me. This love goes deep.

Please forgive me for not inviting you to the show. I’ve asked the person sitting in the first row to move back a few rows to an empty seat… so you can sit here… right here… with me.

Please accept this letter and invite as an apology.


For everyone else, we have a few seats available near the back of the room, which you can reserve here. ...but before you do, be sure to recommend his work. [1]

1 king of the world